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Progressive trance (англ. progressive trance) – sub-genres of musical style trance. Genre name because in the musical compositions belonging to this genre , there are so-called progression , that is specially lined chords -designed complex drums, which, together with the ever-evolving melody create the feeling that the track develops and progresses , and will not be repeated as in many other sub-genres of trance. Characteristic velocity of progressive trance – 128-140 beats per minute. Birth : 1993 heyday : 2001

Progenitor of progressive trance techno is characterized by direct bit ( four beats to the rhythm ) and simple repeating bass line. First motives progressive trance appeared in experiments with pieces of track without percussion instruments only zasemplirovannymi passages phrases and melodies that create ” uplifting “, ” inspirational ” emotions. Example : Dance 2 Trance – «We Came In Peace» ( 1990 release).

Melody and sounds are produced using analog synthesizers , and one of the main elements of the music , which is created by using range of feelings in the listener – it’s synthetic strings .

Birthplace of modern progressive trance is a Spanish island of Ibiza, which is known for its festivals of electronic music.

Year manifestations of progressive trance considered 1993rd . That year saw the release of the legendary track Energy 52 – «Cafe Del Mar». Outstanding representatives of progressive or ibiza trance tracks are also Chicane «Offshore» and Nalin and Kane «Beachball». Progressive trance c Ibiza impression of the sea, the warm wind , it is often used sound waves, etc.

The structure itself is borrowed from the popular track in the 1990s style evrodens (CultureBeat, 2UnLimited etc. ) verse – chorus – verse – chorus – pause – 2 times the chorus . Parallel to this style in Europe gained popularity Dream House (Robert Miles «Children»).

Gradually, the producers began to depart from the use of trance synth sounds , placing more emphasis on the melodies , vocals and acoustic parties. In 1998 came the first track using all elements of progressive trance XXI century. It was Paul Van Dyk «For an Angel».

VA – Addicted to Trance Vol 2 [SDMC014]

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Alex Sonata & TheRio – Halcyon [ANJ948]

Alex Sonata & TheRio - Halcyon Artist: Alex Sonata & TheRio-EquinøxTitle: HalcyonGenre: TranceLabel: AnjunabeatsQuality: 320 kbps Alex Sonata & TheRio-Equinøx - Halcyon (Extended Mix) (05:10)Alex Sonata & TheRio-Equinøx - Halcyon…